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Mar 2023
Challenges Facing Community Pharmacy
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There are many challenges facing Community Pharmacy - primarily driven by Government Cuts to our funding. In 2016 the government decided that there were too many pharmacies and that they would like to reduce the number of pharmacies, and implemented funding cuts that they believed would result in 40% of pharmacies having to close.

In particular the last few years have been particularly tough for pharmacies, and for pharmacy staff. This has become apparent by the decision of Lloyds Pharmacy - the second largest operator of pharmacies in England - to close every single one of its 200+ Sainsburys “in store” branches. To fathom the scale of such a decision - one needs to consider that Lloyds Pharmacy purchased these pharmacies from Sainsburys in 2015 for the sum of £125 million. They are now closing these branches, effectively writing off as a loss the nearly £500,000 per branch they paid to purchase them - because these branches are now virtually all loss making. Lloyds are considering closing many more branches.

A new campaign and petition was recently started by Pharmacy Bodies titled “Save our Pharmacies”, just a few days ago (at the time of writing this).The petition points out accurately that Community Pharmacy funding has been cut 30% since 2015. Considering the inflationary pressures affecting all businesses and households - coupled with a funding cut, this is causing a really difficult situation.

We do not consider ourselves at risk of closure. We are very grateful to the local community who have continued to support us.

However, we are not unaffected by these issues - and are having to look carefully at the operation of our business to safeguard our future, and are having to change the way we do things.

In particular (and on the positive side) we will be introducing a considerable number of additional services over the next few months, to introduce new revenue streams. This will also increase what we can offer the local community. On the negative side, we will need to reduce or limit some of the unfunded work that we previously did primarily as a community service. There used to be enough funding for pharmacies to cover work which was not remunerated, but this is not likely to be the case going forward, unless the government reverses its policy towards Community Pharmacy.
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important notice:- 
We have taken the difficult decision of closing on Saturdays, effective from 18th march 2023.
For patients who find it difficult to collect their Prescription Medication on Weekdays, we shall continue to offer an opportunity to collect Medication on Saturdays from our nearby site “Harpers Healthcare Warehouse & Distribution Centre”, situated at 2 Hollingdean Street, Brighton BN1 7GE, between the hours of 9am and 12.30pm. If you require this Saturday Collection Service, please speak to us, and we shall explain how it works, and set it up.

We shall continue to offer pre-booked services only on Saturdays, such as Flu Vaccinations, Smoking Cessation Clinic and Travel Health Assessments. We will also offer a phone advice line, operated by a trained member of our team (usually a pharmacist) from 9am to 12pm on Saturdays if anybody needs to speak to us about something urgent, and shall work to resolve any problems that arise for any of our patients.

Saturdays were proving increasingly difficult for the pharmacy to maintain a consistent and normal service, both for personal reasons affecting staff members, as well as due to business pressures. We hope to be able to resums a saturday service in the not too distant future.

Please visit the Save Our Pharmacies Petition if you wish to read more about some of the issues that Community Pharmacies are currently faced with. we have also created a blog post on this website, which provides more information.

Thank you for your custom.

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